Industry experts settle deal for Brexit success

Cambridgeshire Brexit meeting, at Cambridge Union Society,

Cambridgeshire Brexit meeting, at Cambridge Union Society, - Credit: Archant

Business leaders in Cambridgeshire have responded in the wake of the EU referendum outcome with a finalised document to get the best for the region.

Last month figureheads from the worlds of politics and academia joined business representatives to draft objectives – billed as the Cambridge Declaration – that set out what the regional economy needs to flourish in the wake of the Brexit vote.

It is hoped that the finished document will act as a blueprint for future UK negotiations with the EU in order to obtain a favourable outcome for the county.

Lord Andrew Lansley, former MP for South Cambridgeshire, said: “We want to reassure our European partners that we remain committed to strengthening our long-established academic, cultural and economic relationships in spite of the referendum. But we also want to reassure all of the residents here that we will strive to help them to benefit from the city region’s success too.”

As a part of the discussions to determine the final objectives meetings are planned with government ministers and expert input is being sought into a mandate for the region.

“This is about influencing the negotiations and the ministers who lead in them. It is vital that we ensure all sides under that Cambridge is a tremendous asset to Europe and the Brexit negotiations carry immense risks and also opportunities,” Lord Lansley added.

Within the declaration the group has promised their commitment to secure the region as a world leader in enterprise, education and innovation through sustainable development including greater infrastructure and skills opportunities.

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The declaration also states that it is hoped that Cambridgeshire can maintain existing relationships, not only in business but also academia and culture with states in the European Union.