If you’re taking down the St Neots cinema why not move it altogether?

PEOPLE are obviously blaming East Street residents for causing so much fuss [about the building of the St Neots cinema], but I also object. I used to live in Cambridge Gardens. If people would walk round there to the path where a small playing field and swings were, where my child always went to play, you will see what an eyesore this cinema structure is causing. Those poor residents have enough to contend with – they can’t even park outside their own homes.

I walked down East Street the other day and a house owner apologised as I had to walk in the road – she was parked on the pavement taking her shopping into her house. She ended up parking on the corner of Cambridge Gardens. People parking around there were either going to the surgery or leaving their cars to pop into town.

Don’t you think the residents have had enough? If they are having to take the structure down perhaps they should consider moving it to a site at Eaton Socon near to B&Q where there would be enough room for parking as well.