I want my hospital to talk about saving lives, not money

AFTER Acer, Rowan and Hawthorne now I hear that Damson ward is next for closure.

It seems that the management is closing Hinchingbrooke Hospital down bit by bit. As I see it business procedures are being applied to a general hospital, misguided procedures at that. Have not we all seen it so many times before? When a factory is deemed to be losing money the first thing to happen is closures of various departments, plus the laying off of staff. Staff has indeed been laid off at the hospital over the last year or so, a voluntary redundancy scheme was instigated not so long ago.

My point is that a hospital is most certainly not a business. It does not produce items for sale, it does not trade in goods, and it does deal in high finance in order to make money. It has one sole aim, to make sick people better, not to emulate money making businesses. We hear only of “making” and “saving” money, what utter nonsense. If I am ill I would need medical professionals, not Sir Alan Sugar. This does not mean of course that the hospital should not be run properly.

To the people of Huntingdon I say, please support your hospital, take note of what is happening to it, please do not abuse it. Of course I hope you never will, but it could be you who needs it at some time in the future, please do not take it for granted that it will always be there.

Ric Campbell.

Roman Way