I’ll invoice HDC for not collecting its green bin

I WRITE to you concerning the on-going saga of the second green bins, I am one of the many Huntingdonshire District Council residents who previously had a second bin and following the introduction of the annual charge requested that it be removed.

Despite initially informing the council well before the due date (I initially submitted my request on June 12) that the second bin was no longer required and having received confirmation that the bin would be collected within 10 days, you guessed it, the bin has still not been collected (as of August 10). This is also despite my ringing the council after a month and being told that collection would be arranged.

The bin has now been sat at the end of my drive 24 hours per day, waiting to be collected, for the past two months. This is in direct contradiction to the response the council has been making, and published in your paper, about resident complaints that bins that haven’t yet been collected are due to the council’s assertion that the bins have not been left out.

The council seems quick enough to want to fine householders for putting bins out either too early, too late or putting the wrong items in the wrong bins, or over-filling bins. Yet they seem unable to arrange collection of the bins.

Luckily my property has a long driveway and enough room for me to drive past the bin, but I feel sorry for those residents who don’t have sufficient room and have had to suffer this inconvenience for several weeks like me.

If I was a cynical person, I would suggest that the lack of collection is a deliberate strategy by the council due to the fact that they have run out of storage space for these “now unwanted” additional bins.

Therefore, since I have effectively been storing the bin on the council’s behalf since June 12, I propose invoicing them (back-dated of course) for the storage of the bin and my inconvenience.

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I wonder how quickly they will then collect the bin.


Milton Avenue

Eaton Ford