I’ll fly the flag for heroes in Armed Forces

I RECEIVED my copy of The Hunts Post through my door and was shocked at what I found myself reading on the front page.

I am very annoyed that this country’s Olympic governing body have put the importance of the British Armed Forces under that of the Olympics. I find it truly despicable.

Why should we display the Olympic flag for something which will do nothing for the country in the long term, while we are unable to show our support to the armed forces?

I say forget the Olympics. In the past 12 years I am sure that most of us have known someone who has either been deployed in the armed forces or even killed or missing in action.

It seems we can put up Olympic flags, but when the World Cup is on I can’t show my support by flying the English flag or wearing an England shirt in case it causes offence to immigrants.

Send me seven Armed Forces flags and I will attach them to each window and door of my property, and also one for my car.I want to show my support to the heroes of my country and respect the dead and the brave.


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