Hunts sign a safety hazard

I AM a long-time resident of Brampton and visit Huntingdon shopping centre frequently by car.

Leaving the town via the bus station exit to the ring road, I find my view of on-coming traffic is drastically curtailed by the siting of the town information road sign. My view is further restricted by the evergreen hedge planted beneath the sign.

Whereas bus drivers have a high-seated view, I have a low-seated view and a longish bonnet and have to rely on a passenger (if I have one) to help check that it is safe for me to pull out.

I have experienced two or three incidents of near rear shunts and being hooted at.

I have notified the county traffic engineer of my worries about the siting of this sign and have received a standard reply stating that:

1. The sign has been there a long time and that they have only received an occasional complaint.

2. This stretch of road has been technically assessed and that the siting of the sign is regarded as being adequate for approaching and exiting traffic, and in any case, there are no funds to move the sign from its present position.

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So, in my opinion, the officials do not think actual public experience is very important.

This photograph I have taken proves my point. I also invite other like-minded drivers to contact the county traffic engineer in support to have this traffic hazard sign re-sited, along with its hedge.


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