Hunts council right not to be tempted by Pickles

I AM glad that the district council is resisting the temptation to fall for Eric Pickles’s ‘extra money’ to make weekly bin collections.

This is not necessary in Huntingdonshire where the present pattern is well established and generally well received by residents. Our recycling rate is good.

Eric Pickles’s’ offer of extra money on the eve of the Conservative cConference was a blatant attempt to distract attention from the greater concerns about the economy. I cannot understand how a minister who claims to support localism, ie greater local responsibility and decision-making, should try to micro-manage refuse collection from London.

If he can find ‘extra money’ at short notice, he should improve the funding for local authorities so that we do not have to cut vital services such as the grants to the voluntary sector.


Lib Dem group leader, HDC