Hunts bus services declining sharply

I AND several of my family wish to complain about the revised bus service by Stagecoach to Brampton. Since the recent service cuts the service has become abysmal.

On Wednesday May 4, I wished to catch the 12.57 from Miller Way, Brampton, into Huntingdon, and I and two other people waited for three-quarters of an hour for the bus to arrive.

Nor is this the only instance: buses now regularly fail to arrive on time and, with the reduced service, they are also heavily overloaded, with many passengers standing. Yet Stagecoach still uses only single deck buses.

I was told that Wednesday’s bus had broken down and that Stagecoach had no reserve bus, but what has happened to all those not needed for the reduced services?

I telephoned the company to complain but had to speak to an answering machine, and no one has bothered to follow up on my call.

We are constantly being urged by the council to use public transport, but then they withdraw the bus subsidies – they cannot have it both ways.

But Stagecoach needs to get its act together and provide its services on time and with buses able to carry the increased loads.

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Many elderly and disabled people (I include myself among the latter) rely on the bus to get to and from Brampton for shopping and collecting pensions etc.

So come on, Stagecoach, give us a regular, reliable service on this important route. Some people now resort to getting taxis, which is much more expensive.


Coldhams South