Drivers face disruption while work to upgrade rail station access takes place

Drivers can expect delays while work at Huntingdon Railway Station is underway.

Drivers can expect delays while work at Huntingdon Railway Station is underway. - Credit: Archant

Drivers using Huntingdon Railway Station face a fortnight of disruption with the closure of the access to the site from Brampton Road as part of a major reconstruction project.

Starting on November 30 access to the station will be from the A1307 - the old A14 - and Highways England has warned that building will continue around the station entrance until next spring, with work including the removal of the viaduct, improvements to the car parks and changes to utility supplies.

The work is part of the £1.5 billion upgrade to the A14 which involves the building of a series of link roads in the Huntingdon town area.

Highways England, which is behind the upgrade, said the new access to the station was the latest step towards the completion of the closing stages of Britain’s biggest roads project.

It has been dismantling the 12,000 tonne viaduct which once carried the A14 over the station and Brampton Road and said the station entrance had to be changed to accommodate the continuing work.

A spokesman for Highways England said: “Work around the station will continue until next spring, including continuing the removal of the viaduct, improving the station car park, and diverting utilities such as gas and water.

“The new station access follows the opening of the 148m long Pathfinder Link into Huntingdon a fortnight ago, which now provides a way for people to get into Huntingdon from the A1307, the old A14, to the east.

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“Once the work to remove the railway viaduct is completed in 2022, the old A14 will also provide another route into the town from the west.”

The spokesman said height of the old A14 had now dropped by eight metres in the vicinity of the viaduct where material from the embankment had been removed and recycled in the new road.

The new access had seen the installation of almost a mile of kerbs and nearly 2,300 tonnes of asphalt. Further work has included installing 26 street lights and a new traffic light junction.

Work started on the long-awaited 21 mile upgrade to the A14 in November 2016 and the new road opened ahead of schedule in May. The new 12 mile bypass around the Huntingdon area opened in December 2019, a year early.