Huntingdon parking price increase makes me angry

IT takes a lot to make me cross, but I am. I went into town, parked my car and on obtaining a ticket I saw a notice that advised users that as of Monday the cost of parking is to rise.

May I please ask our district and town councils what it is that has prompted this decision? Our town is starting to resemble a ghost town with lots of establishments closed or closing down. We as a country are going through one of the biggest economic downturns ever seen, prices are constantly going up on an almost daily basis and everyone is really struggling to make ends meet. Yet here once again we have councillors continuing to live in a cloud cuckoo land.

It seems strange that they managed to fund themselves a smart new building, pay rises voted through, and now the refurbishment of our beautiful old town hall is to be used for still more offices for council workers. All of this cost falls to the taxpayer.

I therefore wish to ask of your readers why an island approximately 1,000 miles by 500 requires: parish, town, district and county councils, regional assemblies, national government and Europe all of which are funded by, yes, you have it in one, us the taxpayer.

Come on Britain, let’s start fighting back and claiming back some of these funds that are rightly our hard earned cash and where we have to pay for services then demand to ask that these services are well sourced in the best interest of the consumer and, above all, completely necessary for day to day life.


Capulet Court

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