Huntingdon BID is nail in coffin for some independent shops

VERY sad to read that the Parsley Pot in Huntingdon is planning to close. I’m sure I speak for many when I say that it will be sorely missed. It’s a lovely shop and a breath of fresh air – a classy, stylish indie with an ever-changing variety of unusual and delightful stock in a high street of general tat. It even won an award for its Christmas window display. Huntingdon has precious few independents as it is, it cannot afford to lose shops like this.

I can well understand the owner’s upset and frustration.

BID Huntingdon has the dubious honour of being the final nail in the coffin. Whilst it is not exactly a newsflash that small businesses are struggling to survive, let alone thrive, BID Huntingdon seems to be entirely oblivious of the fact.

Is part of BID Huntingdon’s remit to relentlessly pursue small independent retailers for additional taxes (for this is surely what these contributions are in all but name) thus adding to their financial burden to the extent that they are forced to close? If so, it has been a resounding success.

I too question why Huntingdon ‘needs’ town rangers. It’s not exactly The Bronx.

I live in the town centre, shop there daily, and no disrespect to the rangers, but I have never seen any of them actually do anything but walk around looking bored. I have never even seen them interacting with anyone.

Might have been more constructive to use the revenue to subsidise rents for say, the first year, to encourage new small start-up businesses to open in Huntingdon and create a vibrant town centre, but no, yet another wasted opportunity. It’s always the same old short-sightedness under another name.

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So well played BID Huntingdon, another empty shop to add to the list, you’ve had your hollow victory in court but no chance of any more revenue from this retailer again, and Huntingdon is once again the loser.


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