How can nature be disrespectful?

I JUST thought I’d jot down my opinion about the articles concerning the allowing of a cemetery to grow wild (It’s U-turn over cemetery grass, July 11).

I absolutely cannot understand how anyone can think it ‘disrespectful’ for wild flowers, which attract butterflies, birds and all sorts of ‘Gods’ diversity, to grow there.

Tall grasses, with there delicate flower heads gently billowing in breezes, interspersed with delightful colours of poppy, daisy bachelor’s buttons... this is far more a sight of beauty of nature, and therefore a ‘wonder’ upon life.

I guess society has become so caught in the ‘fashion’ of constantly mowing the grass that it is now seen as somehow ‘wrong’ to not do it. But ‘disrespectful’? Never. Maybe if one put a refuse tip on top of graves ... but not letting beauty blossom.

The environmentalists, naturalists, including the local wildlife trust and many others, all agree that we need to redress the imbalance that man has perpetuated on the natural world, with our selfish greed attitude, as though we are alone are all important, taking no responsibility for the consequences for the rest of life on this amazing planet. We need to help support the habitat for many wee beasties that are in our neighbourhood.

We are not an exclusive animal, we are a ‘part’ of our environment.


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