Archaeologists have discovered a prehistoric settlement in Huntingdonshire.

A series of digs along the route of the proposed A14 upgrade has started to take place with the first discovery coming in a field next to Brampton Hut Services last week.

The archaeologists have found a ring gully - signs of Huntingdonshire’s prehistoric past.

A spokesman for the Highways Agency said: “A ring gully is a round ditch that dates to the prehistoric period. The one being excavated at the time of the visit is likely to be Iron Age (700BC to 43AD) in date represent the foundation trench for a building or may have been a drainage ditch to catch water running off the roof of a building.

“These types of building usually date to the Bronze Age (2500-700BC) and Iron Age periods.

“The ring gully is likely to be part of a domestic rural settlement, an early form of farmstead. In some cases ring gullies are part of a burial mound, the soil taken from the ditch was used to cover a central burial, however, there is no evidence from this on site.”

The archaeological digs will take place between Brampton Hut and the Cambridge Services.