Hip hooray for Hinchingbrooke

COMPLEMENTARY to the article “A hip hip replacement” (January 5), I would like to thank my excellent surgeon, Mr Killampalli, for his very wise advice to have both hips replaced at the same time and for his totally professional skill in carrying out the operations with the utmost care (and success).

In fact, from the outset, my care was always top priority with the Hinchingbrooke team of secretaries, surgeons, porters, anaesthetists, theatre staff, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and Birch Ward nursing staff. Even the ward cleaner was always bright and cheerful and asked after my health. That sincere total care continues today with visits from the district nurse.

For the first few days following my operation I was able to use the Mulberry private room in Birch Ward, and for my �304 per day I had my own en-suite, TV, visitors whenever I liked, meals individually cooked, car park passes for all my visitors, a daily paper, a private phone with a �5 a day allowance, as well as hostess service of refreshments and snacks for me or my visitors.

I commend this service as excellent value for money and thank the Mulberry and Birch ward staff for looking after me so well.

I am also writing this letter to make your readers aware that, since October 10, Mr Killampalli, for the first time in Cambridgeshire and where appropriate, has been carrying out single hip replacements using the much less invasive ‘anterior approach’ (there are details on the internet) that can save the hospital over �3,000 per patient because of the quicker recovery time (nominally three days instead of 5five because muscles are moved rather than detached or cut.

The adoption of cutting-edge practices (pardon the pun) combined with the skill, confidence and courage to do whatever it takes for the patient, rounded off with systemic total care puts our Hinchingbrooke Hospital up there on the podium with the best of them.


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