Hinchingbrooke parking costs less than you think

I HAVE had cause recently to visit the health centre at Hinchingbrooke Hospital, Huntingdon on two occasions.

On each occasion, I paid �4 to park for up to four hours, the tariffs as clearly displayed on the pay-and-display machines.

On the last occasion (Tuesday January 25) we paid the �4, but the appointment ran over and we were about to nip out of the clinic, part way through the appointment, to top up the ticket, when we were informed by a medical member of staff, that the parking charges had now changed.

She informed us that the maximum parking charge was now �2.50 and had been for some time. This is not clearly displayed on the parking machines, and visitors to the car park are still over paying for parking.

She stated that she felt visitors were being treated very unfairly by not letting them know what the new charges are, which is the reason why she was informing visitors and patients when given the opportunity. I saw two parking attendants walking around with their machines, but no attempts were made to inform visitors of the change in charges.

I feel the parking fee is a rip-off in any event: after all, visits to the hospital are not made for fun. We attend only because we have to.

It would be fair to let readers know about this so they too do not inadvertently pay too much to park.

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