Hinchingbrooke colorectal department saved my life

ALTHOUGH now residing outside Huntingdonshire, I maintain ties with friends and family in the area. I have recently seen some editions of The Hunts Post in which I have read articles and public letters about colorectal services at Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

It is very sad to read about bereaved families, to whom I extend my sympathies.

However, in common with many others, I feel that news coverage at times like these can sometimes lack balance and present a disproportionately negative image. I am therefore compelled to write in an endeavour to redress the balance.

I was treated by the Hinchingbrooke Hospital colorectal services team for a period of 18 months for a chronic condition, for which I eventually had to undergo extensive major surgery. It is not an exaggeration to say that this surgery was life-saving.

The care that I received and the efficient way in which my case was managed by all concerned, including medics, nurse practitioners (including the stoma nurse), surgeons and nurses was outstanding.

I was discharged from the hospital earlier than I had expected to be and returned to work within weeks.

Undergoing this successful surgery has restored my quality of life from the suffering caused by a debilitating disease to the one I had enjoyed prior to my illness.

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Thank you, Hinchingbrooke Hospital, for a job very well done.