Bargain Hunt fans will see Huntingdon location on Friday's programme

Museum curator Stuart Orme and antiques expert Eric Knowles who visited the Cromwell Museum for Bargain Hunt.

Museum curator Stuart Orme and antiques expert Eric Knowles who visited the Cromwell Museum in Huntingdon for Bargain Hunt. - Credit: CROMWELL MUSEUM

Fans of the television programme Bargain Hunt will be be able to tune in on Friday and see one of Huntingdon's most famous historical locations

The episode, being aired on June 17 on BBC1 was filmed in the town and features antiques expert Eric Knowles who visited the Cromwell Museum.

Filmed back in January, the show, where teams of contestants are challenged to buy antiques and sell them at auction for a profit, was set in Huntingdon. As always the programme is punctuated by sections filmed at a local museum or historic house, so presenter Eric Knowles spent a morning filming at the Cromwell Museum, looking at the amazing collection of historic artefacts relating to Oliver Cromwell in its collections.

Stuart Orme, curator of the museum, said: “Eric was a pleasure to host at the museum and was amazed by the array of items we have in our collections. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished programme, in which we even got him to dress up in a set of replica civil war clothing!”

The museum is situated in the heart of Huntingdon, just off the High Street, and holds the best collection of objects relating to the life and times of Oliver Cromwell on public display in the world. The collection comprises nearly 1,000 items, including portraits, clothing, miniatures, arms and armour, historical documents written by or about Cromwell, and one of his death masks.

The museum building is in the former Huntingdon Grammar School, which was where Oliver Cromwell went to school. The displays seek to tell the story of this hugely significant and controversial character ‘warts and all’.

The Bargain Hunt episode featuring the Cromwell Museum can be seen on Friday, June 17 on BBC1. For more details on the Cromwell Museum, visit the website at:

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The Cromwell Museum is operated by an independent charity, the Cromwell Museum Trust. The Trust is dedicated to preserving and communicating the assets, legacy, and times of Oliver Cromwell in a way that inspires interest in those with whom we make contact. The Trust’s formal objective is to advance the education of the public in the life and legacy of Oliver Cromwell