HDC’s Next move will mean Huntingdon has two empty shops

It seems that Huntingdonshire District Council is making a huge mistake again.

Why is it every time a development or relocation project is wanted, the council stops it?

I wrote previously about this, when the council stopped Dennis, the owner of the Falcon pub, in St Neots, from redeveloping the former pub into retail units and all because of a “rotting boat house” on the back.

Now, we hear that HDC is stopping Next from moving into an empty retail unit, formerly Comet, in Huntingdon.

This makes no sense, because Huntingdon appears to be growing in popularity with more shops.

And with the new £25million redevelopment in place, I question its ability to protect the existing businesses. Next’s plan for a bigger retail premises is a must.

Moving to what was Comet would be a great advantage. There is limited space in its current premises, whereas the former Comet store would be great, not just for more product lines, but for those with disabilities to be able to access all of the products, whereas now there is limited or no adaptions for the disabled in Next ... so why stop this?

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Is it just HDC won’t let Next move because it will be out of the High Street?

Such a shame yet again. Now there will be two empty stores.

Matthew Clifton

St Neots Road