HDC has let me down, too

IT was with great interest that I read your headline “We’ve had enough” (August 24). I have a vulnerable brother who lives in Wellington Avenue, St Ives. His property backs onto an empty property in Lysander Close that has been empty for 12 or 14 years.

You would be unable to take a photo of the back, standing in the garden as shown in your article, because the garden is so overgrown.

My brother-in-law and I are forever cutting down the rubbish that grows over or through the dividing fence. In the last few years I have had to climb onto my brother’s garage roof to remove brambles and debris.

At the beginning of this year, my sister and I had a meeting with the deaf club and RNIB and, though them, a letter was sent to the local authority.

In the past, as a St Ivian, I thought I knew our local representatives so, over the past five or six years, I have raised my brother’s plight with four councillors, as yet without success.

My brother’s rear fence will shortly need replacing, which will be made a great deal harder – if not impossible – by what’s on the other side.

I am certain that, like the residents of Spinney Way, the owners of the bungalows surrounding this property would have greater difficulty in selling if they needed to move.

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I am certain that councillors and workers at Huntingdonshire District Council would not have this problem next to them for years and years.

Mr Slater’s remarks – “Nothing has been done and, to be honest, I don’t feel that the council have got their heart in doing anything about it” – is a fair comment.



St Ives