Guided bus good? Try using it at peak times

I KEEP reading glowing reports about the success of the guided bus and the number of passengers using it. I assume these reports were given by people who do not use the buses in the peak times or by Stagecoach’s PR office.

Yes, the busway is busy but to the detriment of the passengers. The peak time buses – I use the B route – are very crowded and usually have many people standing from St Ives park-and-ride onwards in the mornings and from Drummer Street or Jesus Lane, Cambridge, in the evenings.

The journey times are horrendous. On the morning of January 18 I caught the bus at 7.45am on Ramsey Road, St Ives, and got to my destination (Shire Hall bus stop) at 8.55am. The bus was very crowded, with many passengers standing from St Ives park-and-ride.

As has been reported by many other Hunts Post readers, the traffic lights on Harrison Way in St Ives cause the traffic to back up in St Ives, which has a knock-on effect on the progress of the buses going through to the park and ride.

Is something ever going to be done to resolve these problems or as usual are the general public just going to have to suffer while Stagecoach makes massive profits?

Surely Stagecoach could put pressure on the ‘powers that be’ to do something about the traffic and in turn they could do something about the crowded buses.


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