Guided bus drivers responsible for avoiding accidents

THERE have now been two accidents involving bikes on the guided busway.

I am not a cyclist, but am I the only one thinking these reports sound remarkably like those humorous quotes from insurance forms?

In the first incident a few weeks ago “even though the bus slowed down to 10 mph” it hit the cyclist. And now we have “even though the driver was beeping her horn” she ran over his bike.

As a driver, I have always understood that it is our responsibility to avoid an accident, even if the other party is in the wrong. On a single-track guided busway with only the bus and the cyclist on the road, there is surely no excuse for hitting the bike or its rider, even if they are not supposed to be there – especially when the reports make it plain that the drivers had a clear view of the cyclist.

Surely in any other setting the driver would be prosecuted for dangerous or careless driving. Or can we now all run over pedestrians who step unwisely into our path provided we have slowed down and sounded a warning?


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