Guided bus driver’s wry humour

WHILE I will refrain from commenting generally on the significance or otherwise of any reduction in traffic flows on the A14, I feel I must comment on the attitude of the driver of the Stagecoach guided bus that departed Drummer Street Station in Cambridge for St Ives on August 29 at 12.02pm. His sense of humour must surely be matchless and worthy of an appropriate reward.

As I approached, I had spotted the bus waiting in the busway bay, and I broke into an ungainly geriatric sort of trot-cum-canter, although I am reluctant to do much of that these days.

Just three paces from the bus the driver, having curiously watched my efforts not to keep him waiting, looked at me through what seemed to be half-closed but trance-like eyes and, with immaculate timing, closed the doors in that ultimately comedic moment just before I reached them.

Even as I waved my concessionary bus pass frantically at him he, with great aplomb and good humour, continued to reverse his bus and drive off.

Two conversing Stagecoach drivers who also saw this “Best of British Comedy Talent” rehearsal showed their own sympathy with their colleague’s sense of humour simply by shrugging their shoulders and smiling. Other spectators could manage only a sympathetic stuttering of tut-tuts, and upward-rolling eyes.

Frankly, I didn’t see the funny side of all this, but I remember his face and will ask him to explain the joke if I see him on my next trip – and if he hasn’t retired by then.


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