Guided bus changes could leave parts of St Ives without direct route to Huntingdon

BUS journeys between St Ives and Huntingdon could get more difficult this summer as route changes will leave some passengers without a direct connection between the towns.

Stagecoach wants to re-route guided bus services A and B, to provide faster links between the town centres.

But the changes will mean that service B buses to and from Huntingdon will miss out parts of St Ives – the service will no longer travel along Hill Rise and the roads to the north of the town.

Instead, service B from Huntingdon will head towards St Ives town centre and on to Cambridge.

Service A will still pass through the St Ives estate but will only take passengers towards Cambridge. Huntingdon-bound passengers will need to change buses or walk into town.

St Ives Town Councillor David Hodge said passengers – especially disabled people – will be worse off.

“If the Huntingdon bus turns into an express service, disabled people, who rely on this currently, will not be able to get there without upheaval,” he said. “It means they will have to get a bus into St Ives, or go to The Seven Wives, which is inconvenient. It does not make sense to completely cut out the service – it’s madness.”

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Fellow Councillor Ryan Fuller added: “It would be catastrophic. Everyone who uses that service that would be put off using the bus and will find other ways to get into Huntingdon.”

Andy Campbell, Stagecoach managing director, said the planned changes would mean a better service for St Ives.

“In July there could be an increased service with frequent buses and quicker journeys,” he told The Hunts Post. “The new routes give us better penetration into St Ives.

“People going to Huntingdon will have to walk to town or, if they struggle, they can catch a bus into St Ives and out again but I don’t believe that it will put people off using the bus to get there.”

The new routes will begin in July.