Guided bus boss wants to drive through St Ives town centre

THE prospect of having buses driving through the centre of St Ives has been raised again – but it could mean the loss of a third of the town’s market.

As part of the process of introducing a new bus stop for the guided busway on Station Road and an increase in bus services in the town, Stagecoach managing director Andy Campbell hopes to turn service A into a St Ives service, taking it through Market Hill to Hill Rise, and make service B from Huntingdon more direct.

But this would mean, according to the town’s market traders, that a third of the market would be put out of business.

Robert and Lisa Bolt, representing the traders, said: “Should this happen, it would be a major loss in business for all traders, who are already struggling through very hard times, and would put at least 14 directly out of business.

“This loss to the town would far exceed any possible extra profits generated for the bus company.”

St Ives Town Council has invited Mr Campbell to its next meeting on March 14 to discuss bus services and routes.

He told The Hunts Post: “I would love to have buses go through the centre of St Ives. It would be illogical not to build on the success of the guided busway in the town and refuse buses through the centre.

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“It would enhance all of the town’s businesses and make the service better for those on buses as they would no longer get stuck on the one-way system at rush hour.

“More people would be taken to the far end of the town, which is beautiful but not many people see. We will have more new buses in July and hopefully the council will see our financial commitment and back us up by going through the town.”

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