Green technology needs time to develop

ISN’T it a pity that Mr Foster spends so much of his time trawling the internet to gather negative things to write wind generators.

Everything we now take for granted started out with drawbacks that were overcome by research and development. Early cars were so unreliable that they needed a riding mechanic. The first computers filled a whole room and wouldn’t fit into the average household.

Our first monochrome TV was more wavy lines than pictures. I remember going to Olympia in London to see the first colour TV which was more turquoise than colour. Several sets later red flare was ironed out and Patrick Moore lost his strange orange skin tone. We now live in 3D cyber space.

Investment in renewable energy will develop a useful asset into a sophisticated hybrid system.

When you switch on your computer, Mr Foster, be amazed. Also be aware that negativity stands in the way of progress.


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