Green light for blue gates

CREDIT where credit is due: so let’s congratulate both St Ives Town and Huntingdonshire District Councils on finally reaching the correct and very sensible decision to allow Eastfield School in St Ives to retain the colour blue of their recently-erected boundary fence and gates in Broad Leas/Pig Lane.

At Eastfield we have an excellent primary school that has always taken great care of its buildings and carefully adapted them over the years to suit ever-changing demands and needs.

The same applies to its external landscaped areas, which have been imaginatively transformed to cater for a variety of activities.

Walking past the school now, I feel a very strong sense that Eastfield School has evolved into an exciting place of discovery and learning for enquiring young minds. Certainly the latest flourish with the striking new fencing confidently announces this to the community it serves.

Here is a school so obviously proud of its pupils and their achievements, proud of its buildings and campus and who have given a great deal of thought about how they wish to present themselves to the surrounding community.

They have successfully achieved what so few schools do – the buildings, trees and landscaping have become the physical embodiment of their ‘mission statement‘ to us all. If only all schools could achieve this.

The school is surely to be commended, encouraged and supported in this – which on this occasion both town and district councillors have done. To them all and, of course, Eastfield School well done indeed.

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