Goosey, goosey guideway as bus driver helps save birds

GUIDED bus operator Stagecoach has praised the actions of one its drivers who stopped his bus to save recently-hatched goslings.

The company’s managing director, Andy Campbell, said the driver had weighed up the safety of his passengers before stopping the bus to save the young birds from certain death.

“He was driving down the track and saw some geese ahead. When he blew his horn, the larger birds flew away and he then noticed the babies. Rather than run them over he made sure they were safe by moving them off the guideway.

“Because it was a Sunday, it was safe to do so, and in the circumstances I commend his actions, because he first took his passengers’ safety into account.”

A YouTube video shows the driver of the Cambridge-St Ives service guiding the frightened goslings towards the safety of nearby Fen Drayton Lakes.

The bus passenger who uploaded the video added: “On the guided busway this afternoon a duck couple tried to move their clutch of goslings. In doing do they crossed the busway, not recognising this was quite a high barrier for their brood.

“They were all saved by the nice driver who stopped and went out in the rain and picked them up, one by one, even the one who thought heading for St Ives was the proper way. He was rewarded by a sustained applause, thank yous and smiles by the passengers at the park and ride.”