Good luck Laine

THROUGH the columns of your paper we would like to pay tribute to Laine Kadic, the recently deposed county councillor for the Huntingdon Ward.

We fervently believe that this is scant reward for the dedicated, tireless and ceaseless work; she has undertaken on behalf of our local rural communities even though she has not always enjoyed the best of health - she never used that as an excuse, it is accepted that no one person is irreplaceable but her successor has almighty ‘large boots’ to fill.

We found in the Stukeleys no request was ever refused and that she always relished a challenge and achieved so much, too many things to list, on our behalf during her tenure as a councillor, none more than the sterling work she did on behalf of the residents of Low Road and Mill Road when they most needed help.

She will be sorely missed by all those who knew her well, especially I am certain I can speak as clerk for all the members of the Stukeleys Parish Council whose meetings she attended in all weathers.

Good luck Laine, an exceptional councillor and a very nice person to boot, in whatever challenge you choose to take up. Michael & Margaret Newman

Low Road,

Little Stukeley