Godmanchester toilet petition was our idea

I WOULD like to thank Colin Hyams for the work he puts into the community behind the scenes. I WOULD like to thank Colin Hyams for the work he puts into the community behind the scenes.

Having just read his letter in last week’s Hunts Post headed Unwelcome return, I would like to correct the statement he made regarding Malcolm Cohen in which he states: ‘He even had the liberty of organising a petition to re-open the toilets in Godmanchester - the very ones he had previously authorised the town council not to accept responsibility for.’

This petition was facilitated by the Godmanchester Community Association in response to many requests from residents to do something to relieve the overwhelming sense of disengagement regarding the closure. These requests were from all quarters.

As we are a non-political organisation, we produced a petition sheet, which we floated on our website and e-mailed out to our e-mail base inviting those who felt strongly to canvass their neighbours and deliver any sheets completed to Godmanchester’s town clerk.

The association took a very passive role. Mr Cohen was active in getting these sheets into local shops.

The wording of the petition was designed as an aid for our town council to use to put pressure on the district council to reconsider its decision.

It received over 2,000 signatures and did not change the district council view.

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The town council has now re-opened the toilets using money from our local rates.



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