Godmanchester ex-mayor ‘out of touch’ on A14

I MUST write to say how disappointed I was to see the letter from Malcolm Cohen (February 9), especially given he lives in Godmanchester and stood as a candidate at last year’s district elections. What a lucky escape we had.

The fact that he can claim to be pleased the A14 upgrade hasn’t gone ahead shows how out of touch with reality and the feelings of local people he is after another accident on February 8, which quickly followed an incident when our historic town bridge – Godmanchester’s main link across the river – was once again damaged by a HGV escaping A14 gridlock.

Then, shortly afterwards, the whole county from Alconbury on the A1 back to M11 and our market towns and major and minor villages choked due to the lorry fire just outside the town, which only added to the irony.

As a mayor for nine months until he resigned I am sure Mr Cohen surely has seen the impact on local Godmanchester people when the A14 ‘goes wrong’ and the delays in journeys to work and home for our community.

Mr Cohen obviously cannot – or will not – understand the importance of the A14 upgrade to local businesses and to the whole country.

Does he not see the amount of CO2 being wasted by the continuous delays? Can he not see the bigger picture?

Does he not understand that we must live in the real world, and the A14 upgrade is needed both locally and nationally?

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His views surely will not sit well with the people of Godmanchester, whose streets are increasingly gridlocked following incidents on the A14 and whose children are exposed at close quarters to choking diesel fumes.

But, just weeks ago, his views probably didn’t sit well with the people of Sawtry, when he gave his support for the controversial sex shop on the edge of town, safe in the knowledge that, living a dozen miles away along the A1 and unimproved A14, it wouldn’t affect him.

Once again he seems happy to make glib comments while others suffer the serious long-term consequences. I am sure I am not the only person in Godmanchester who is disappointed and unhappy with his views.


Dove House Close