Get the St Neots’ eyesore redeveloped

ON reading about this whole debacle [about the Flacon in St Neots], the more Huntingdonshire District Council seems to have lost a sense of perspective. They are more concerned with sticking to red-tape, using committee-structures, as civil servants do, as smokescreens and ignoring the best needs of St Neots’ residents and the town, than actually facilitating a pragmatic way forward.

St Neots would benefit from this development greatly and apart from financial gain, the owner/developer appears to have an admirable and philanthropic view to the town’s needs.

No-one gives a proverbial ‘monkeys’ for the boathouse – they all, without exception, in my circles wish to see what is becoming an eyesore and liability redeveloped.

My suggestion is: sit down, bury pride face-to-face and hammer out a mutually acceptable way forward quickly. There are already too many Euro-politicians making a lifestyle out of decimating our economy without HDC civil servants doing the same in St Neots!


Chandlers Wharf

St Neots