Garden party not secret in Woodwalton either

MR Tester (Letters, August 1) is not alone in complaining about the four nights of intolerable noise from the Secret Garden Party.

I live in Woodwalton, and the noise was totally unacceptable. We have friends in Sawtry who were also affected by the noise.

I have written to the executive leader of Huntingdonshire District Council asking about the arrangements the council put in place prior to this event to deal with any environmental issues arising, and until I receive there reply it would be wrong of me to comment further.

I will, however, comment on The Hunts Post article of July 25 (‘Mud, mud, glorious mud’) where the chairman of the parish council stated: “There were no sound complaints.” You have to remember that every resident in Abbots Ripton and Kings Ripton receive a free ticket to this event.

I was contacted by a director of the SGP after the event and offered a free ticket for next year as I had complained to the organisers. I did suggest that they spend more time evaluating the impact this type of event has on the locality rather than dish out free tickets willy-nilly.