Funding success in the bid to curb speeding in Ramsey Forty Foot

Councillor Peter Reeve welcomes the new traffic calming measures in Oilmills Road, Ramsey, earlier t

Councillor Peter Reeve welcomes the new traffic calming measures in Oilmills Road, Ramsey, earlier this year. - Credit: Archant

Community volunteers have been given the backing of the county council and a community group in their bid to stop speeding in Ramsey Forty Foot.

Community Roadwatch (CRW) has been awarded more than £20,000 by the Ramsey Windfarm Community Benefit Fund and Cambridgeshire County Council to fund the installation of traffic-calming measures.

After the funding was confirmed, CRW held a meeting which saw more than 60 people attend to discuss how the money should be spent.

The money will allow for the creation of a ‘buffer zone’ on the approach to the village from the centre of Ramsey which will decrease the speed from 60mph to 40mph and then 30mph.

The zone will include varying speed signs and dragon’s teeth to highlight speed reduction. There will also be a build-out in the southern part of the village which will force drivers to stop, give way and reduce their speed.

Dave McCandless, director of Community Roadwatch, said: “We feel quite proud that we have managed to do something for the community which is a little bit more than sitting in a car taking measurements of speed.”

Along with making roads safer, CRW says it strives to avoid road safety measures that create more pollution, noise or vibration outside homes.

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“We have done something that will hopefully improve the quality of life for residents in Ramsey Forty Foot,” Mr McCandless said.

Since launching CRW in Ramsey in 2011, Mr McCandless and other volunteers have, along with Cambridgeshire police’s Speedwatch initiative, recorded “serious and regular speeding at or over 35 mph”.

“The main issue for us is to make the road safer without making it more dangerous, and to create a footprint which the town and other initiatives could build on,” Mr McCandless added.

The scheme has been assisted by Ramsey Town Council member Councillor Peter Reeve, who worked with CRW to secure the funding.

It comes after Cllr Reeve succeeded in gaining funding for traffic calming measures in Ramsey Mereside in a separate application.

Mr McCandless hopes that once the measures are installed in Ramsey Forty Foot, a campaign will then begin to tackle speeding in nearby Ramsey St Mary’s and Ramsey Heights.