Forget the nuclear option

IT is with interest that I read that the German government is looking far enough ahead to see sense as far as nuclear power is concerned.

When will the UK follow Germany’s lead, abandon its foolish nuclear ambitions, and invest properly in renewable energy instead? Solar, tidal, wave, wind and biomass are the energies of the future – and we are rich in all of them, here in the east of England.

I realise that there are those who will say that Bradwell and Sizewell are safe – but the exact same thing was thought of Fukushima before the devastating consequences of the multiple meltdown that occurred: 300,000 people are going to have to end up leaving their homes there, possibly for ever. Is that really what we want, here in England’s green and pleasant land?

These things were brought about by an inability to cool the reactors due, ironically, to an interruption in the water and energy supply to the Fukushima plant. That could happen anywhere: it doesn’t need a tsunami.

Germany aims to replace its nuclear programme with a more flexible gas-powered system, which is highly efficient and produces less harmful pollutants, combined of course with a much greater push towards renewables.

This, they believe, will secure the energy needs of Germany for many years to come, and make the country more energy-secure.

The reality is that nuclear is far from safe, expensive to produce, hard to get rid of the waste the process produces, and not available now.

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Let’s be leaders in this forward thinking, rather than backward looking. Let’s invest in clean, green energies of the future – not in poisonous nuclear.

Our children will thank us, if we make the right choice this time.


Co-ordinator, East of England Green Party