Footpaths for people walking – it’s that simple

WALKERS and wheeled vehicles do not mix, especially in places called ‘footpaths’ or ‘pedestrian precincts’.

I am staggered by the arrogance and stupidity of some cyclists who consider themselves entitled to ride wherever they like, as fast as they like, with no regard for anyone else. Huntingdon BID’s modest move toward curbing them is very welcome.

It should be mandatory for all cycles to be fitted with lights and bells (or similar) and be completely roadworthy. I think cyclists using any public space should be required to carry insurance, like all other users of wheeled vehicles. And if cyclists consider that they need better provision, they should be prepared to pay for it.

Kevin Garfoot’s proposition (Letters, November 21) that: ‘we must recognise that to cycle in a town centre is not an unreasonable aspiration’ is a breathtaking example of the absurd sense of entitlement that all too many cyclists have.

Further, cyclists who bleat that they do not feel safe enough on our roads are certainly not safe enough to be sharing our footpaths with us – they shouldn’t be cycling at all.

Walkways are for people who walk. What is so hard to understand about that?


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