Footpath, louts and litter

I CAN’T help but laugh regarding Mr Penfold’s request to close the so called ‘footpath’.

I have lived at 1 Kingsbrook for over 20 years and have watched from my kitchen hundreds of people walking through the opening. On several occasions I have gone over to the opening and asked several teenagers to move on from lingering down the pathway.

On speaking to Mr Penfold regarding damage to the two properties, his reply to me was that “they probably did something to instigate it” in the first place. He does not know these people or their families, and the comment was very hurtful to me regarding these families.

My most recent one was two months ago when there were five teenage youths in the pathway. Two were sitting on Mr Geoffrey Hookham’s fence. I saw Mr Penfold walking past the opening with his wife and went outside to ask him if he was going to ask the youths to move. He replied that he would not, as there were too many to approach.

I have recently recovered from bowel cancer but this did not stop me. I told Mr Penfold that I would do this myself. He then said he would follow me, and I said that I didn’t require his help (I can’t be doing with a man who hides behind a woman’s skirt).

I then approached the youths and asked them politely if they would mind not sitting on the fence: they obliged. I then informed them that, if they went back to doing this after I had left, I would inform the police.

Mr Penfold says that he regularly goes down that passage and picks up litter. I have seen him do this maybe once or twice. He never uses it to go through to Burstellars or any other part of the estate.

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He moved into Kingsbrook about two years ago and has been on a mission to make things as uncomfortable as possible for local residents who have looked out for each other over the years.

And look out all you catalogue deliverers: according to Mr Penfold (speaking for the whole road), we (Kingsbrook) do not want the likes of you people around our road and not to bother coming back.



St Ives