Fix college CCTV or let students know it’s broken

ON October 14 when I was attending my evening course at Huntingdonshire Regional College, I had my bicycle stolen from the bike rack, which I had locked up in full view of the college’s CCTV cameras.

Immediately I called the Police and they took down my details. I waited for several days, and when it came to the following Thursday I spoke with the receptionist of the college who gave me the number of the estate manager, and he advised that the CCTV ‘isn’t very good’.

The next day, before I could call the estate manager, I finally got word back from the police advising that they had looked into the case but unfortunately the CCTV at the college doesn’t work!

Firstly, I am annoyed that it took the police over a week to get back to me about this, which I thought I had left it in capable hands, and secondly that the college has a CCTV system running which doesn’t work. Nowhere on the campus does it advise this, or give warning to other cyclists who park their bikes at the bike racks.

When speaking to the police on the Friday, they advised this is a common occurrence at the college which highlights even more the need for a working CCTV system, and warnings put in place for those who leave their belongings locked up.

Regardless if I get a new bike, or somehow out of the blue my old one is found, I do not feel at all confident about locking my bike up at the college, and neither should you. I will be complaining to the college shortly, after the term break.


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