First Capital Connect say sorry after commuters miss trains from Huntingdon and St Neots in ticket machine malfunction nightmare

First Capital Connect

First Capital Connect - Credit: Archant

FIRST Capital Connect have apologised after a number of commuters missed their trains from Huntingdon and St Neots due to out of order ticket machines.

Passengers in Huntingdon arrived at the station this morning to find a queue tailing back to the car park as one of the two ticket machines was out of action until 8am. A third is not working due to the station’s refurbishment.

Meanwhile in St Neots, commuters had similar problems as one machine was out of order, again until 8am.

Chris Penn, a spokesman for First Capital Connect, said: “Monday mornings are always a busy time for people buying tickets and on this occasion our passengers did have to wait longer than we would have liked for which we apologise.

“We brought both machines back into service by 8am and brought in extra staff to help sell tickets from hand-held ticket machines.”