Fare piracy not down to us

THE piece on November 5 ( Taxi boss: they re stealing my fares ) was unfair. It seemed to be accusing other taxi and private hire drivers of underhanded and deceptive action. Mr Woodham says he has no evidence to substantiate this but knows it goes on.Wh

THE piece on November 5 ("Taxi boss: they're stealing my fares") was unfair. It seemed to be accusing other taxi and private hire drivers of underhanded and deceptive action. Mr Woodham says he has no evidence to substantiate this but knows it goes on.

While no names were mentioned, and I cannot speak for any other companies, I work for a Ramsey-based private hire company, located in the Great Whyte. We are of extremely high morals and do not have any equipment that can scan or intercept radio messages. And I personally would not slip to such low levels - we acquire our work from pre-booked telephone calls and personal contact.

With people losing their jobs, the leisure industry is always one of the first to feel the losses, but you have to work harder and try to keep your prices competitive in order to survive, not make general accusations to get a sympathy vote.

We all lose pick-ups to other sources. People are people, and they travel with whom they please. It doesn't mean that there are underhanded practices in place.

I'm sure there must have been times when the company mentioned must have also picked up people that have simply got into his cab claiming that they were the passengers and, in doing so, deceived the driver, when in fact they had booked with someone else.

All our drivers are licensed, plated, insured and checked by the Criminal Records Bureau before they commence work and actually pick-up any passengers. While I can appreciate that this may not always be the case, if the article has evidence, then this should be produced to the taxi licensing office or the police for further investigation. That is the correct way of alerting the public to watch for unscrupulous drivers and operators, not making random accusations that only make the public doubt bona fide companies.

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