Extending BST will not work

I REALLY am alarmed at the proposals to extend British Summer Time. It is typical of modern legislation, first mentioned a year or so ago: it creeps in by stealth and is necessary, we are told, to bring us in line with the rest of Europe – the Europe that is about to break up.

We have traded with Europe for centuries with no disadvantage, and today overseas traders are used to world markets and world time zones. Changing our time will have absolutely no effect.

Then we are told that tourism will benefit. I fail to understand why. The day length will remain the same, but winter visitors – are there really that many – will have to remain in bed an hour longer.

Farmers are in favour? I don’t think so. Show me a farmer who is happy to wait until 9 in the morning before beginning to harvest winter vegetables or tending his livestock or crops. As a retired farmer, I can confirm that my staff always preferred to start early and be home in the early evening with their family.

Most worrying, though, apart from the amazing claims of savings amounting to millions a year with no explanation, is the suggestion that lives will be saved. How?

In my village the narrow busy lane to our school is always shady and damp: any frost or snow often remains for days. Will the proponents of this craziness please tell me how, when children throughout the UK are walking to school in the dark (yes they will be), they are not more at risk.

Please put a stop to this madness: we’ve tried it before and it did not work then, and it will not work now.

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