Ex-councillor’s ‘last word’

THIS is my final comment on what is now becoming old, somewhat dull news. I also will not be bothering to read any more comments from people who are becoming somewhat offensive.

I did not read the letter I am responding to (The Hunts Post, June 27) but was told of its content. I will make sure this doesn’t happen again.

First, I did investigate the responsibilities, protocols and workload of being a councillor. I am probably the most responsible person I know and take this sort of thing extremely seriously. This is why I could not go against my principles on this matter.

Unfortunately, it did not occur to me to ask (when we had a male mayor and we did not know who would be the next mayor) what a female mayor would be addressed as. I do not believe it would have occurred to anyone to investigate such a ridiculous subject.

I regret that an election has been called: whoever has called an election is actually causing this to cost money.

If a new councillor had been co-opted, it would not have cost anything. I see little point in an election at this time when the Independents have such a huge majority on the council: it will not change anything.

Lastly, I would ask the letter-writer to swear in front of many people that he would be happy to call a male mayor ‘Mrs Mayor’. If he would, then I eat my words and apologise, but I don’t believe he would.

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Luckily we do still live in a sort of free country, and I am allowed to stick to my principles without redress.


Laburnum Way

St Ives