EU: Give us an in our out vote - and do it now

OUR governing politicians are poor representatives of the people, brought about by only two per cent of the population getting involved in the selection of a candidate to stand for election followed by 40 per cent or more not bothering to vote. Result: we have what we deserve.

However, by comparison with many politicians of the rest of the European Union (EU) ours, kept in line by our media, are not too bad a lot. But to stay entwined with the corrupt unable-to-balance-the-books EU coupled to the quagmire of laws sustained by the European Court of Human Rights is folly indeed. An in or out referendum should be held now, not when the time is right as Prime Minister David Cameron euphemistically espouses. Our future wellbeing should depend on our own wishes, not those directed by a non-elected EU Commission.

By this open letter I ask Jonathan Djanogly, Member of Parliament for Huntingdon, to take up the cudgels on behalf of his constituents and fight, with the aid of the media, for an in or out of the EU referendum now.


Beech Avenue

Great Stukeley