Entrepreneur is jumping for joy after converting horsebox into mobile gin bar

The Gin Kitchen

The Gin Kitchen - Credit: Archant

An enterprising Ellington woman has set up a company travelling around the country serving gin from a converted horsebox.

Chloe Bucknell, of The Green, and friend Evie Marsh, 23, came up with the idea after spotting a gap in the market.

The friends share a love of countryside pursuits, riding horses and drinking gin, and after they no longer needed their horsebox, the pair decided to combine their passions.

“We owned a horsebox that we didn’t really use anymore, and we had been out riding one day and we just thought about transforming the horse box into a gin bar,” said Chloe. “We have never seen anyone else who had converted a horsebox into a gin bar.”

Chloe, 22, and Evie converted the horsebox with the help of their parents to create The Gin Kitchen. The design of the bar has used some of the original features of the box, including the ramp, but it has been altered to give the friends the opportunity to showcase an array of gin on its shelves.

“We have more than 150 gins on board but we also like to work with local distilleries and they are involved with the gin of the day,” Chloe added.

The gin of the day is often a bottle that is made from the most local distillery to the event.

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Chloe said: “Sometimes we hear people say that they do not like gin, and usually it is because they haven’t had the right one.”

The pair officially launched

the business in May and, since then, the bar has been in demand at events across the country.

“The bar has completely taken off now - we are travelling all over the UK.

“I couldn’t be more proud for a 22-year-old girl it is quite an experience, to set something up that has picked up so quickly is amazing,” Chloe said.

The bar is also available for private hire for weddings, corporate events and private parties.

Following the early success of The Gin Kitchen the pair have now set out to convert another horsebox into a photo booth.

To find out more about the business, visit www.theginkitchen.co.uk.