Election 2010 - Thursday, May 6: Your chance to choose

Voting starts today (Thursday) to decide who will represent you in Parliament and who will get the keys to 10 Downing Street. If you ve yet to make up your mind on who to vote for, here s a quick five-minute guide to help (and a reminder that district

Voting starts today (Thursday) to decide who will represent you in Parliament and who will get the keys to 10 Downing Street. If you've yet to make up your mind on who to vote for, here's a quick five-minute guide to help (and a reminder that district elections are also taking place). The polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm.

Party policies (General Election)

Conservative: Protect NHS spending and improve services, stand up for families and schools and fight crime, reduce the budget deficit, restore responsibility to society, reduce the cost of politics.

Green: Create community banks offering realistic loans, abolish prescription charges and restore free NHS dentistry, improve pensions, housing and employment, reduce public transport fares.

Labour: Act on climate change, provide more affordable homes, guarantee jobs or training places to unemployed 18-24-year-olds, tackle inequalities and fight racism, provide the right to see a cancer specialist within two weeks and test result within one week.

Liberal Democrat: Fairer taxes, including first �10,000 tax-free, smaller class sizes, more schools cash and abolition of university tuition fees, investment in public transport, renewable energy and energy-efficient homes, make politicians accountable with the right to sack corrupts MPs.

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UKIP: Oppose mass immigration, hold referenda on all major issues, withdraw from EU, abolish regional development agencies, oppose privatisation of Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

Others: Also standing locally are the Official Monster Raving Loony Party (set up quangos to look after moat-cleaning, duck-houses and mega-wheelie-bins), the Animal Protection Party (close Huntingdon Life Sciences and excoriate Jonathan Djanogly), English Democrats (set up an English Parliament to match assemblies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) and a couple of Independents (Jonathan Salt in Huntingdon, who opposes privatisation of the management of Hinchingbrooke Hospital, and Robin Page in South Cambridgeshire, seeking fresh policies on the countryside).

Candidates - Huntingdon

John Clare (Green)

Anthea Cox (Labour)

Ian Curtis (UK Independence)

Jonathan Djanogly (Conservative)

Carrie Holliman (Animal Protection)

Lord Toby Jug (Monster Raving Loony)

Martin Land (Liberal Democrat)

Jonathan Salt (Independent)

Candidates - North West Cambridgeshire

Robert Brown (UK Independence)

Stephen Goldspink (English Democrat)

Shailesh Vara (Conservative)

Kevin Wilkins (Liberal Democrat)

Chris York (Labour)

Candidates - South Cambridgeshire

Helene Davies-Green (UK Independence)

Sebastian Kindersley (Liberal Democrat)

Andrew Lansley (Conservative)

Robin Page (Independent)

Sadiq Tariq (Labour)

Simon Saggers (Green)

Candidates - Huntingdonshire District Council

Alconbury and the Stukeleys: Keith Baker (Con), Marion Kadewere (Lab)

Ann Monk (Lib Dem)

Buckden: Terry Clough (Lib Dem), Laine Kadic (Con), Sybil Tuckwood (Lab)

Earith: Cindy Cochrane (Lab), Anthony Hulme (Lib Dem), Terry Rogers (Con), Raymond Zetter (UKIP)

Elton and Folksworth: Roy Benford (Lib Dem), Nick Guyatt (Con), Roger Henson (UKIP), Mary Howell (Lab)

Godmanchester: Mal Cohen (Lib Dem), Colin Hyams (Con), Ruth Pugh (Lab)

Gransden and the Offords: Christine Ellarby (Lab), Anna Hayward (Lib Dem), Richard West (Con)

Huntingdon East: Saeed Akthar (Con), Stephen Greenall (Lib Dem), Patrick Kadewere (Lab), Jeff Knott (Green)

Huntingdon West: Ann Beevor (Lab), Michael Burrell (Lib Dem), Stephen Cawley (Con), Ian Curtis (UKIP), Karen How (Green)

Ramsey: Melanie Allgood (Lib Dem), Susan Coomey (Lab), Angela Curtis (Con), Peter Reeve (UKIP)

Sawtry: Valerie Brooker (Lab), David Cutter (Lib Dem), Shirley Reeve (UKIP), Darren Tysoe (Con)

St Ives East: Margaret King (UKIP), Debbie Reynolds (Con), Angela Richards (Lab), Robin Waters (Lib Dem)

St Ives South: Richard Allen (Lab), Doug Dew (Con), David Hodge (Lib Dem), Michael Horwood (UKIP), Lord Toby Jug (Loony)

St Neots Eynesbury: Marian Appleton (UKIP), Ian Gardener (Con), Francis O'Connor (Lab), Steve van de Kerkhove (Lib Dem)

St Neots Priory Park: Barry Chapman (Con), Bob Eaton (Lib Dem), Patricia Nicholls (Lab)

The Hemingfords: John Gilmour (Ind), John Oliver (Lib Dem), Chris Stephens (Con), John Watson (Lab)

Warboys and Bury: Peter Bucknell (Con), Lisa Duffy (UKIP), Robert Johnson (Lib Dem, Graeme Watkins (Lab)

Yaxley and Farcet: Maddie Bannerjee, Michael Black (Lib Dem), Robert Brown (UKIP), Margaret Cochrane (Lab)

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