Don’t let vested interests halt St Neots cinema plan

JOY Winters’ letter does not go far enough (Cinema fan, Hunts Post, September 28). Four hundred and sixty complainants as against thousands of people for the cinema – it smacks of wider self interests other than those of the people in the vicinity. Small self interest groups should not deprive people’s enjoyment of the cinema.

I seem to remember in a letter a couple of weeks ago that some complained that they didn’t think St Neots needed any more “restaurants”, as if there were too many!

I can think of so many positives [for building the cinema]. I am sure that it would bring in more trade to the town – why not go shopping and then to the cinema? It is Huntingdon’s loss if people don’t have to travel to the cinema in Huntingdon.

When I came to St. Neots in 1971 all sorts of, what became broken, promises were made by the GLC and the local council. What we have is an oversubscribed swimming pool, no outdoor pool and no cinema. I lived in London in the ‘50s and ‘60s and there was a cinema on almost every street corner.

I only go to Huntingdon because of the cinema, but there are many in St Neots without their own transport and who cannot get to Huntingdon because of the lack of public transport.

There are, I’m sure, more pros than cons for the cinema. The kill joys should do what the Pilgrim Fathers did and colonise the New World.

I hope that the vested interests of Huntingdon don’t stop the cinema.

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