Does Tesco have interests of Huntingdon at heart?

I WONDER how many people in the area realised that Tesco owned the former Silent Channel site.

What a surprise to now find that the same firm is opposed to the proposed new link road. Tesco has a reputation for buying up surplus land, if only to stop other organisations from developing it in competition to themselves.

The Government has very recently said that local authorities should give priority to planning applications which help re-development and create jobs etc. I suggest that they look more carefully at the land banks held by firms such as Tesco and where appropriate either insist these are developed or are compulsorily purchased.

Meantime I hope the inspector and the minister will consider the proposal on its merits.

I do not have the expertise to judge the merits of the proposed changes but what is very obvious is that there is a need to improve the facilities within the town. I am not convinced that the organisations holding or controlling large swathes of properties in this town necessarily have the interests of the townspeople at heart.


Claytons Way

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