Disgusted by guided bus driver’s behaviour

I WAS on that bus (“Cyclist narrowly avoids injury following collision with guided bus,” The Hunts Post, October 5) and I was fully disgusted in the actions of the bus driver.

Agreed, the cyclist should not have been on the busway, but I saw no sign saying no cycling. The driver stopped some time before to talk to a passing bus, so obviously she was warned that there was a cyclist ahead.

The driver started blowing her horn some time before she hit him but never slowed down. Why? Then there was an awful crunching noise and we passengers on the top thought he was dead. It was an awful and distressing incident. The driver never once spoke to us to tell us to leave the bus: we were left to our own devices while she had a fag.

The poor cyclist was in shock and badly shaken. ‘Recovery operations swung smoothly into operation’ made me laugh out loud. Really?

I agree with the comment that, if this was on the road, we would be looking at dangerous driving here. If a cyclist gets in my way on my next shopping trip to Cambridge by car, should I just run him over and say: ‘So what – I blew my horn’?

Just as a footnote, what would happen if this cyclist was deaf? I feel he would be dead or seriously injured.


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