Daylight saving?

IT appears that Cambridgeshire County Council has not learned lessons from the flawed traffic calming scheme in Barford Road, Eynesbury, when thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money had to be spent remodelling the scheme shortly after it was built, because county hall preferred to work ‘off plan’ from a comfortable office rather than undertake a site survey first.

Now we have monstrous high-density street lamps installed in the same conservation area without consultation and without an environmental impact study being carried out.

Because Eynesbury is a conservation area, local residents have to jump through hoops to make alterations to their properties, yet the council seems to be able to ride roughshod over accepted planning procedures without reference to anyone.

The council claims the new street lights are ‘fewer but brighter’. However, this is simply not the case.

In a short section close to the Ernulf roundabout two new lamp posts are less than 25 metres apart, giving daylight conditions 24 hours a day, which even blackout curtains cannot contain.

So, how about it, councillors? See the light and talk to the residents first.


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