Cyclists – please invest in lights and hi-vis gear

FOLLOWING the recent headlines and letters, can I please put in a plea on behalf of motorists using the A1198 Godmanchester-Papworth (and home again in the evenings)? Last week, on a very wet night, I was driving along this road. There was a stream of traffic coming towards me, causing reflections off the wet road surface and by the cars’ ‘bouncing’ along the slightly uneven carriageway, creating shadows.

By sheer luck I just happened to spot a slight red flicker in front of me and, sure enough, there was a cyclist – in dark clothing – who was relying on a tiny red light on the rear of his/her bike, which flickered on and off. I managed to pass safely, avoiding the on coming cars, only to see two cyclist on the other side of the road, walking their bikes up the hill. How incredibly dangerous!

Please, cyclists, think about your safety by investing in some reflective/high visibility wear, think about the adequacy of your lighting systems. I can honestly see a very serious accident occurring along this extremely fast road.

I appreciate that there is not a cycleway along A1198, so anything you can do to make drivers aware of your existence would be very much to the benefit of all.


Church End