Councillor inviting views on ‘dangerous’ chicane

Councillor Mike Shellens is asking for views about a "dangerous chicane" in Sapley Road, Hartford

Councillor Mike Shellens is asking for views about a "dangerous chicane" in Sapley Road, Hartford - Credit: Archant

Motorists and residents are being urged to share their views on potential new safety measures to stop speeding cars on a Huntingdon road.

A survey, launched by district and county councillor Mike Shellens, is asking for views about a “dangerous chicane” near to the junction of Sapley Road and Desborough Road.

According to Cllr Shellens the chicane is causing drivers to move into the opposite side of the road which is causing accidents.

“The most dangerous chicane is widely recognised as being that which is close to the junction with Desborough Road,” Cllr Shellens said.

“Here, downhill vehicles are pushed to the wrong side of the road where they come into conflict with both the uphill vehicles and those coming out of Desborough Road.”

Leaflets about the survey have already been posted to more than 2,000 residents in Hartford, but Cllr Shellens is also asking others to have their say on the five options proposed.

The options include removing the chicane, replacing it with an electronic speed display, small road humps, or full width table-top bumps.

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Alternatively, Cllr Shellens said the fifth option would be to do nothing and retain the existing system.

The chicane, along with others in Sapley Road, were put on the road more than five years ago, in a bid to slow down the traffic, but residents have complained repeatedly to councillors that it just makes the road more dangerous.

“Yes it has a 30mph speed limit. The problem is that it [Sapley Road] does not look like a 30mph road. It is a pretty straight, downhill road of over a mile with 13 roads coming into it and the drives of many houses coming directly onto it,” Cllr Shellens added.

“Many say that vehicles speed up to get through before being required to let oncoming vehicles have precedence.

“They have been involved in numerous collisions which are bad for vehicle bodywork, suspension and tyres.”

Measurements taken by Cllr Shellens, a few years ago, suggest that three quarters of vehicles using the road exceeded the 30 mph speed limit.

To share your views, write to Cllr Shellens at 21 High Street, Brampton, PE28 4TG, by April 15.